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Finish MocoSpace Street Wars Game in Less Than One Hour

Have you ever heard about MocoSpace? If you have not, mocospace is a leading mobile social
networking site, like common social networking sites you can upload photos, chat, play online games and bla bla bla. Im not going to explain it any further cuz they dont pay me to do so .
The only thing im going to explain is its online game called Street Wars. If you play this game for the first time, maybe you will find that its so interesting but after you have played it for couple days maybe you will find that its boring cuz it needs long time to finish the game.
So if you want to finish that game and dont have much time, i will tell you how to finish that game in less than one hour. Its not a cheat cuz i have tried hard but cant find a place to cheat (yes im sucks :p). But this is what i have found a long time ago, its one of mocospace subdomain called stage.mocospace.com when you access this subdomain you might think that you are online on mocospace main site until you realize that theres no one else but you.
I guess that this subdomain is used to store the main site back up. The content is refreshed in once in a few months.
Lets just go the point, okay now this is the plan. Login to


using your mocospace account and then just click the street wars icon just like when you usually play it.
You will see the same street wars menus with the regular street wars except one thing, look at the bottom of the page you will see player utils menu. Its an admin control panel. Using this menu you are able to modify all street wars players, not only yours. You can set the cash, recharge your energy, set your level, experience, and add mob members.
But it wont affect your regular account on the main site cuz like i told you its just a back up database from the past time.
Here are the steps to boost your energy, we will not use the recharge button cuz it will cost you more time.
1. To add more energy we need skill points, so we will add the skill points first. First of all set your level to 1
2. Set the experience. Just write 9999999999999 as long as you want.
3. After you do that, you need to do the first mission once it will make you gain to level 4999. As you get 2 skill points for each level that means you will get around 2499 skill points.
4. Next step is upgrade your energy using all of your skill points. Dont forget to add mob if you have less than 20 mobs you can add more mobs using the player utils menu, and set your cash to $1b so you can buy all the stuffs which are required to do the missions.
5. After you have prepared all the stuffs now you can do all of the missions and finish the game much faster remember to push the recharge button when you run out of the energy or you can add more energy.
Well thats it for the trick, have fun .

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